About Jeremy Barbera

Jeremy Barbera is the CEO and Chairman of Nanobeak.

Jeremy BarberaA Physicist with a Master of Science from New York University and later a Master of Business Administration from MIT, Jeremy Barbera first started and led a company in the entertainment industry, Marketing Services Group, Inc., and another focusing on counterterrorism and homeland security, MSGI Security Solution, Inc.

Early in his career, Jeremy worked as a Research Scientist at NASA, working specifically on Pioneer Venus and the Global Atmospheric Research Program. His relationship with NASA would prove to be hugely beneficial with his work today at Nanobeak.

Jeremy Barbera provides a real life example:

“Imagine parents regularly testing themselves and their children at home with this new technology. Putting this power in peoples’ hands will keep them from discovering the presence of a disease when it is too late, like stage 3 lung cancer. The Sensor will lead to early screening and early treatment, a tremendous opportunity.”

Outside of the massive implications a product of this nature can provide to the healthcare industry, it can also make a great impact on law enforcement. The Sensor will have the ability to catch the existence of marijuana on a driver’s breath. This will become increasingly more important as new states begin to legalize the substance for recreational use.