Online Pancreatic Cancer Community Keeps Patients In The Loop

In recent years, healthcare and social media have combined. This merging of industries has had a number of positive effects, but one of the best effects is that there are more and more patient-centered online communities. These groups help patients who are struggling with various diseases, common and rare, to connect with one another across the globe. Furthermore, they also make the patients and their family caregivers feel less confused and alone.

One of the many online communities like this is called Let’s Win. But Let’s Win isn’t just like any other patient-centered community. The group focuses on providing “science-driven” treatments for patients with pancreatic cancer. These treatments go beyond the standard level of care.

The community includes research scientists and oncologists. These professionals share information on drug development, clinical trials, and medical breakthroughs in order to give patients a more thorough understanding of what is available. It is quite possible that a group like this could lead pharma and biotech companies to make clinical trial recruitment better.

Let’s Win has a Scientific Advisory Board that ensures that the information shared in the community is scientifically based and that it offers a possible option outside of the existing standard of care treatments. The board vets crowdsourced pancreatic cancer treatments.

Anne Glauber, one of Let’s Win’s cofounders, was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was told that she had one year to live. She visited specialist oncologist and took an unconventional approach to her treatment. She founded Let’s Win because she wants other cancer patients to have these kinds of options.

Glauber started the online community alongside Dr. Allyson Ocean, one of the specialist oncologists who treated her. These two joined Willa Shalit, Kerri Kaplan and Cindy Prace Gavin to create Let’s Win.

On its website, Let’s Win provides links and summaries of new development, clinical trials, clinical research, and the use of FDA-approved drugs in different dosages. The website is written in a user-friendly way that can be understood if by someone without a medical degree. Glauber wants to keep patients in the know about compassionate use policies. She feels that most patients don’t get all of the information and they aren’t aware of all of the options available to them.

A large number of the pancreatic cancer patients are based in small towns. They are often treated by oncology generalists who do not have the specialty knowledge that clinicians possess. Allyson Ocean hopes that Let’s Win can empower patients, scientists and doctors in order to help them make more informed choices regarding treatment.

Alysson Ocean and an anonymous corporate donor have provided funding for the company. Let’s Win is affiliated with the Lustgarten Foundation, and welcomes donations from individuals through this affiliation.

From immunotherapy to precision medicine, great strides are being made in the field of cancer research. But for people who have recently received a cancer diagnosis, Let’s Win hopes to share information that can help cancer patients make more informed decisions with their doctors about treatment options.