RoundTable Healthcare Partners Invest In Revision-Goodier

Earlier last month, operating-oriented private equity firm Roundtable Healthcare Partners announced some pretty big news. The firm, which focuses exclusively on the healthcare industry, has made a majority investment in Revision Skincare LLC  and Goodier Cosmetics LLC. Revision works to market physician direct dispensed products that are sold exclusively through specialists such as dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Goodier develops and manufactures niche topical personal care products, as well as over-the-counter pharmaceutical products for Revision and other third parties.

The owners and founders of Revision-Goodier, John and Rob Muller, will continue to serve in their respective current roles as CEO and COO, in addition to continuing their roles as members of the Board. They will also keep a significant ownership stake in the company.

RoundTable’s Senior Operating Partner, Pierre Fréchette, states that RoundTable is excited to partner with John and Rob Mullers. He went on to say that the Mullers have created a large presence in the physical direct dispense market and have worked hard to serve skincare professionals. Fréchette stated that RoundTable looks forward to using internal product development and product acquisitions to expand Revision’s product portfolio. He hopes this can be achieved for both over-the-counter skin care and products sold exclusively via the professional channel.

David Koo, Senior Partner at RoundTable, stated that Revision-Goodier is RoundTable’s third platform investment in the dermatology market within the past five years. RoundTable is familiar with the organizations that manufacture and develop topical products. This knowledge base will allow RoundTable to play a key role in facilitating the growth of Goodier and its clients.

John Muller stated that RoundTable is the ideal partner company for Revision-Goodier. He feels that this partnership will help Revision-Goodier continue its growth trajectory due to RoundTable’s extensive expereince in the pharmaceutical marketplace of dermatology.

Rob Muller is very thankful to Revision-Goodier’s employees for assisting in the development of a strategically valuable platform company. He shares John Muller’s sentiments of excitement about the partnership with RoundTable.

RoundTable chooses to partner with healthcare companies that fall within the experience and expertise of the firm’s principals of operation and transaction. RoundTable has made two investments from its $650 million Fund IV before investing in Revision-Goodier. In order to finance further growth opportunities for Revision-Goodier, RoundTable aided the completion of new senior credit facilities.

This partnership will be exciting for everyone involved. Revision-Goodier is a top notch skin care company, and the partnership it has made with RoundTable can only increase its success.